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In this age: Smartphone game that rewards players with real fries…

In the Philippines, mall visitors are all too familiar with the french fry franchise Potato Corner. It’s a go-to mid-afternoon snack hub that now has its own dedicated “cult following”. So much so that people have created an entire collection of memes featuring it. Tapping into this, the Potato Corner brand recently launched its very own phone app game, which it promoted on its Twitter account yesterday.

Called Potato Corner Craze, it is pretty straightforward and quite similar to strategy video games like Diner Dash and Cake Mania. Players are meant to cook, season, and serve customers french fries in the flavor of their choice before time runs out.

Players win free fries for every 179 coins they earn while playing the game. Yep, actual food to be eaten in real life… Players can redeem their fries from Monday – Thursday until the end of the year from any participating outlets.

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