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Potatoes USA showcases potato ingredient functionality

Food manufacturers are in search of functional, clean-label ingredients that deliver both improved product experience (taste, texture, color, freshness) as well as nutritional benefits. Over one hundred research and development chefs and product formulators gathered at the 11th annual Food Evolution Summit, held in San Diego September 24-26, to learn about and discuss trends and innovations in product formulation.

Attendees were impressed by a presentation on potato functionality that focused on the benefits of various potato ingredients (flakes, granules, flour, etc.) in baked goods, but also touched on the myriad uses for potato products beyond the bakery and in products spanning all dayparts and sectors of retail.

Attendees sampled two gluten-free sugar cookies; one made with potato granules and one without as a means of understanding the benefits potatoes offer for texture and taste. The cookies with potato had an improved texture and flavor, stayed fresh longer and browned more evenly. It was a very effective and eye-opening “real world” demonstration of the functionality potato ingredients offer.

Several attending brands, including Bakkavor, Albertson’s, Truco/On The Border and La Terra Fina expressed specific interest in custom innovation sessions with Potatoes USA focused on developing more products using potatoes. The results from these sessions will hopefully be more products on grocery store shelves and in grab-and-go and deli cases that utilize potatoes as an ingredient.

Report by Potatoes USA