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Mountain King pushes gold potato promotions

Promoting gold potatoes could grow the entire potato category, says  John Pope, vice president of sales and marketing for Houston-based Mountain King Potatoes.

“We’re trying to improve category profitability by promoting gold potatoes,” says Pope. “Gold potatoes right now comprise about 15% of the category;  we feel like if we could push it up to 50% of the sales, it is going to grow whole commodity category about 29%,” he says, noting that yellow potatoes are trending up in sales in five-pound, three-pound and 1.5-pound bags.

“Customers pay more for yellows; we’d like to see them displayed more and promoted more,” he says. Mountain King is running a “Go for the Gold” retail selling contest looking for the highest year-over- year increase for retail gold potato sales.

Report by The Packer