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NZ: Proud that Prince Harry and Meghan will dine on his North Otago spuds

Like most of us, it would be fair to say Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex probably enjoy a decent spud. So when the royal couple chow down on some during their upcoming New Zealand tour, they will in fact be sampling North Otago’s finest – the ever-popular Jersey Benne.

Among the waist-high grass and weeds Jim O’Gorman, of Kakanui, called “biomass”, which grows among buildings of questionable structural integrity, he produces everything from beans, cucumbers and tomatoes to Jersey Benne potatoes. It is the latter that was in demand from people in high places, to fill the bellies of those in even higher places.

O’Gorman was recently asked by Government House head chef Simon Peacock to supply him with about 5kg of the potatoes to be served exclusively to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at a dinner to be held at the Wellington landmark over the weekend.

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