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Irish potato grower diversifies into prize-winning gin

A Wexford, Ireland grower’s vision in using the humble spud as a key ingredient in a new gin paid off when Jackford Irish potato gin received a gold medal at the recent Irish whiskey awards. John Stafford, MD of Slaney Farm Produce, saw the opportunity to diversify into the increasingly popular gin market, harnessing the appeal of the potato.

The move to distilled spirits stemmed from his urge to diversify, with the potato at the heart of the product. The goal was to create a handcrafted Irish potato gin. From early days, the focus and aim of the Stafford team was to create a premium quality gin as the introductory launch to the new company, Stafford Irish Spirits.

To create the first batch of Jackford, John outsourced the distilling process, but plans are underway for Stafford Spirits to build its own distillery in the near future.

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