Pricy potatoes unleash Egyptians’ humour

“For travel reason, 10kg of potatoes are for sale to the highest bidder!” “I’ve broken up with my finance because his salary can’t buy us enough potatoes!” “I wish my husband-to-be will give me a gift of five kgs of potatoes on Valentine’s Day. If he does, I’ll be sure he loves me!” “Now that prices of potatoes have shot up, I’ll convert my savings into potatoes!”

These are examples of sarcastic tweets, which have gone viral on Egypt’s social media since the local market suffered from an acute shortages in potatoes, a staple for many Egyptians, more than a week ago.

The short supply has tripled the price of the vegetable to 15 Egyptian pounds (Dh3.1) per kilo, a price higher than that of several fruits in the country.

Potato traders have been blamed for the shortage, allegedly stashing the output in order to rake in enormous gains by hiking retail prices.

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