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Convenience trend: New potato product line ready to “heat and eat”

A new potato line, the Perfect Potato™, is now available in the US from Robinson Fresh® and Albert Bartlett. This product line is said to answer a consumer demand for a flavorful staple with convenient packaging that requires no prep work and is ready to heat and eat. Bite-sized creamer potatoes are grown in California, triple washed and dried.

The Perfect Potato line includes bite-sized pre-washed potatoes that come in three convenient sizes — 1.5-pound pouches, 5-pound pouches and 1-pound microwaveable trays.

“Our customers expect Robinson Fresh to continue to bring innovation and new products to the marketplace,” says Michael Castagnetto, vice president of global sourcing at Robinson Fresh. “The potato is the top vegetable by volume in the U.S. according to IRI, and is a great staple food for most families, but more and more consumers demand convenience. That’s why we’re excited about this new product line; it combines ease with innovation.”

Perfect Potatoes are available in limited supply and are available for purchase from Robinson Fresh. Visit the Perfect Potato page for more information. Read full press release