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A solution found for the acrylamide problem?

Acrylamide in refined food is a growing and serious concern among international health authorities. Zeracryl AS in Norway is a company that collaborated with the Norwegian fry manufacturer Hoff SA to develop a new solution to reduce the development of unacceptably high acrylamide levels in potato fries during processing.

The project has been supported by the Norwegian Research Council as well as Innovation Norway. The CEO of Zeracryl AS, Trond Thomassen, calls the product and process “quite suitable and robust”, saying that thorough industrial testing of the product has given excellent results.

“The process inhibits the acrylamide formation reaction between sugar and asparagine at high temperatures and reduces the acrylamide by 50–70%,” Thomassen explains.

More information on the Zeracryl solution can be found in an article published in the recently published issue of Global Potato News. Trond Thomassen can be reached at for further details.