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Campaigners call for ‘radical rethink’ of farming practices to help regenerate soil

Countryside campaigners in Britain are calling for a “radical rethink” of farming practices and development in order to help regenerate the “precious commodity” that is soil.

A combination of “industrial farming practices, poor land management and damage from development” has created a “perfect storm” that has resulted in soil erosion, compaction and a loss of soil’s fertility.

That’s according to the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), who say this degradation of soil costs around £1.2 billion a year in England and Wales alone. The plea comes as the UN’s ‘World Soil Day’ gets underway on Wednesday (5 December), with UK campaigners rallying for a recognition of the importance of soil and its impact on climate, environment and society.

The CPRE’s new report, published on Monday (3 December), sets out ways to restore soil and new approaches to policy.

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