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The passing of a revered Canadian potato hero: Marinus (Bill) De Vos

We report today with much sadness the passing of a Canadian potato pioneer and staunch supporter of the Canadian and International potato industry:  Bill DeVos. Bill passed away on November 25th in Victoria, Canada. He was a greatly respected figure in the Canadian potato industry and internationally as well.

Bill’s friendship, great character, and his kind, soft spoken demeanour will always be remembered by so many – not only by his dear family and a great many potato friends in Canada and abroad, but by everyone else with whom Bill was acquainted with during his lifetime. Bill was indeed a man of true and honest character and he will be dearly missed by many folks who had the privilege to know him.

Bill died at the age of  84 after a brief and valiant journey with cancer.’

In an interview with Spudman magazine a few years back, Bill was quoted as saying: “There are three items prominently displayed in my office. One is a painting by Colorado artist Tom Lockhart, ‘Greenwings over a Wintry Marsh’ – which I won at an NPC National Seed Seminar hosted by Colorado. Then there is the gold medal won in doubles table tennis in the BC Senior Games this summer. The last item is a decorated plate about the North Dakota potato industry. It shows a horse-drawn cultivator, tractors pulling a planter and a digger and the late Dr. Bob Johansen among potato plants in a greenhouse.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bill’s kind family and friends at this time as we not only mourn, but also celebrate the life of a great man. We remember Bill DeVos with kindness and gratitude.

We will miss you dearly, Bill…