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Potato plant researcher Phil Hamm gives final presentation

Phil Hamm has dedicated his professional life to studying plant disease and has been a great asset for potato growers in the process. Hamm’s journey, at least professionally, is coming to an end, however. 

The longtime Oregon State University employee and Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension director will retire next summer. He has been with Oregon State for 30 years and has studied plant disease for 45 years, reported the Eastern Oregonian.

Hamm gave his final presentation as a member of OSU at the Hermiston Farm Fair on Nov. 28. It was titled, “What I Would Do to Manage Diseases if I was a Potato Grower.”

The Eastern Oregonian’s story mostly focused on Hamm’s overall career and relationships, but did note that he addressed Potato Virus Y (PVY). His advice: Produce PVY-free seed, and make sure the seed has been tested thoroughly.

“My role is not to give out ideas,” Hamm said. “My role is to give out research-based information.”

Once retired, Hamm said he looks forward to spending time with family, hunting and fishing. Be sure to check out the full story.

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