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Netherlands to provide 900,000 Euros for potato impact cluster in Bangladesh

The government of the Netherlands and Dutch businesses have inked an agreement to undertake a “potato impact cluster” project in Bangladesh. 

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and a consortium of Dutch businesses joined hands to share their experience and best practices with potato farmers in Bangladesh to improve supply chain in potato sector of Bangladesh. 

An amount of Euro 900,000 has been allocated for this three-year project, said the Bangladesh Embassy in The Hague last Wednesday. 

The project was discussed in detail in a seminar organized by the Embassy of Bangladesh in The Hague titled “Agriculture Sector in Bangladesh: Lessons from the Netherlands” on Wednesday. 

Errol van Groenewoud, Director, Omnivent Storage Solutions; Alex Verbruggen, Founder of Verbruggen Group; Hans Griffioen, President of Eurojute; and Maarten Verbruggen, Managing Director of Deltadesh and Export Manager of Verbruggen Group joined the seminar to impart their insights on how Bangladesh could learn from the lessons of successes as well as failures in the Netherlands. 

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