Across Regions

Consumer values: ‘Trends in the USA will be replicated in other parts of the world’

Modern consumers spend more and more money on food. They also often eat out. Foodservice is flourishing more than ever before.

According to Paul Oomen, food service specialist at potato breeding company HZPC, consumer values are changing rapidly. He identifies and analyses developments that have a major impact on the food industry.  

‘Nowadays people are spending considerably more on food. A major factor that drives this growth, is increasing consumer confidence. People have money to spare for eating well and conveniently. At home and outside the home.’

An important development is that the number of single-person households is increasing. ‘Young people, and so called millennials are trendsetting. They are looking for convenience, lifestyle and healthy products.

HZPC recently initiated an in-depth study and market research into the development of food service in North America.

The food service sector in North America is well established and serves an enormous market including restaurants, school canteens, healthcare, aviation and much more.

 This article was published in the latest issue of HZPC’s online magazine, InZpire – go here to read the full article and more