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Colorado Potatoes promotes in-state video contest

To heighten the awareness of Colorado potatoes amongst the state’s grade and high school students, the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee invites schools to participate in a video competition. Each school is to create a video about Colorado potatoes.

Linda Weyers, the assistant director of the administrative committee, which is based in Monte Vista, CO, said there are awards for the two school levels.

Winning entries and the teacher both receive $500 awards. Winning schools also receive a free salad bar, if the school can use it.

Weyers’ staff also promotes Colorado potatoes on social media, including Twitter and Facebook. In large part, they work with materials and recipes prepared by Potatoes USA.

Jim Ehrlich, the executive director of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, said Jan. 18 that Colorado potato shippers are “slightly ahead of last year” in tonnage-shipped. “Prices are decent, movement is good and the potatoes are holding up well in storage.”

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