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Kees Schouten, Altena Potatoes: ‘Wide demand for potatoes despite high prices’

Potato prices are staying at a stable level. “Potatoes are being bought for between EUR0,26 and EUR0,33”, says Altena Potatoes’ Kees Schouten. This company is based in the Dutch town of Veen.

Yet, according to him, these high prices are not hindering exports. “It is actually unbelievably busy”, he says. “We have had an enormous amount of work. Within Europe, many countries are taking part in this trade. From Spain to France, Hungary, and Romania. The domestic market is also participating.”

However, the trader is not worried about the Dutch potato supplies. “After all, we have never been without potatoes. Despite the high prices, we can still buy Agrias relatively easily. And the world has so small nowadays. Just look at onions – these are coming into the Netherlands from all over the world. The potatoes’ quality is also considerably better than last year. This, even though they are a little smaller.”

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