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Strong demand for Prince Edward Island organic potatoes

Demand is strong and pricing up for organic potatoes from Canada’s Prince Edward Island.

“We’re in a good position to finish by the end of March or early April,” says Dwayne Coffin of Vanco Farms in Mount Albion, PEI. “Demand is strong and along with that, a favorable exchange rate has allowed us to see higher pricing over last year.”

He also adds that Vanco sees higher demand this season for organic potatoes from the U.S., but demand is also strong locally from the Maritime region.

That might be in line with what Coffin sees in the category overall. “It appears the organic potato category is growing again,” he says. “In a year like this year where there seems to be fewer conventional potatoes throughout North America, it’s helped increase consumption because there’s a much smaller price gap at the retail level. That’s encouraging more sales.”

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