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Crisp prices surge after heat wave-induced potato shortage

Crisp prices have risen this year in the UK as a result of potato shortages that were reportedly caused by the heatwave in summer 2018. Walkers, Wotsits and Hula Hoops are among the affected brands, according to trade publication The Grocer, with some multi-pack offerings having had “significant price hikes”.

The price of a multi-pack of six 25g packets of Walkers baked sour cream and chive crisps, for example, has gone up by an average of 23p. Own-brand offerings at UK supermarkets are rising in price too, claims the magazine, with some packets increasing by as much as 25 per cent.

UK growers warned of food shortages in October last year, after revealing that potato crops were down by one third while onions were down by half.

Source: The Independent