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India: Potato prices fall 30% in Uttar Pradesh, 50% in West Bengal

Prices of potato have fallen 30 per cent in Uttar Pradesh and 50 per cent in West Bengal year-on-year on higher crop expectations.

Favourable weather conditions is expected to push up production by 10-20 per cent this year in the two leading potato-producing states compared to last year. While West Bengal is expecting a crop size of 120 lakh tonnes this year, Uttar Pradesh — the largest producer — is expecting 144 lakh tonnes.

In West Bengal, chief minister Mamata Banerjee has decided to buy 10 lakh tonnes of potatoes at Rs 550 per quintal to improve the market sentiment.

There have been heavy rains in the potato-growing regions of Bengal in the past two days. Farmers say while there may be some crop loss, the moisture in the soil will subsequently help increase production further.

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