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Ireland: Latest potato market update

The market remains unchanged in Ireland with demand remaining steady. Consumption may be down slightly when compared year on year though this may be due to higher retailer prices and a greater proportion of smaller pack sizes on retail shelves.

In the UK the free buy market remains quiet as buyers stick to contract supply, however, prices are unchanged with some slight price increases for quality lines.

In the northern European countries stock levels for most varieties are reported similar to 2012 with very little free buy available.

The fine weather has led to more early plantings in the past week with small pockets of Louth and Dublin now planted along with areas of the south and south east. If the weather continues some growers will use the opportunity to start maincrop next week.

The first of the indoor Jersey Royals are now on the market in the UK with a possibility that the first of the outdoor crop could be on the market towards the end of March. Plantings in Cornwall and Pembrokeshire are also on track with good progress being made.

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