News March 2019

Mexico: Potato harvest kicks off with low yields reported

Authorities of the Rural Development District 149 of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER) in Navojoa announced that with low yields of 10 tons per hectare, the potato harvest began in the Valle del Mayo.

The head of the unit, Luis Alfonso Soto Vega said that these figures are a result of the damage suffered by crops due to the low temperatures recorded during the last days of December.

He commented that in areas where the damage caused by the freezing temperatures were not so severe, an average production of 24 to 26 tons is being realized. The main harvest during March and April should offset the low yields overall.

A federal official said that the price of potatoes will be somewhat unstable and will depend on supply and demand at the national level, however it is expected to start at 5 to 6 thousand pesos per ton – low compared to the last marketing cycle when it was prices at 12 thousand.

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