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New tool for EU farmers to help manage nutrients

A new tool is being developed by the EU to help farmers manage the use of nutrients on their farm.

The so-called Farm Sustainability Tool for Nutrients (FaST), proposed in the framework of the Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAECs), aims to facilitate a sustainable use of fertilisers for all farmers in the EU while boosting the digitisation of the agricultural sector.

To be used by farmers and free of charge, the FaST tool will automatically provide information on the parcels selected, including crops, the number of animals on the farm and the amount of manure generated by them. Additional data will also be available for nutrient management such as data on soil, the proximity of protected areas and legal limits on the use of nutrients.

Accessible via mobile phones, PCs or tablets as a digital tool, the user can accept or edit the data provided. From this, the tool will propose a nutrient management plan, which gives customised recommendations on crop fertilisation for the farm selected.

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