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Latest scientific progress on post-harvest research to be discussed at EAPR Section meeting

The Post-Harvest Section of the European Association for Potato Research (EAPR) is scheduled to take place in Norwich, UK on 12-14 March, 2019.

​The venue for the meeting is the Maids Head Hotel, Norwich, known to be the oldest hotel in the UK, dating back over 800 years. It is situated in the local area of Tombland and the heart of Historic Norwich. A tour of this local area is planned for the Wednesday 13th March following the workshop sessions.

​​The aim of the meeting is to present the latest scientific progress in all fields of post-harvest research and development. In particular, the aim is to provide an outstanding opportunity for dialogue and networking between delegates, industry stakeholders and scientists.

​A number of post-harvest scientists from North America have registered as well as scientists and industry personnel from New Zealand and many European countries.

​EAPR has partnered with Agri-Tech East to offer delegates the opportunity to hear first-hand from innovators in the potato and post-harvest sectors about their various technologies. For more information on the organisation and its members presenting during the Innovation Session, please visit Agri-Tech East’s website.

​Mark Taylor, Chairman of the UK Fresh Potato Suppliers Association will outline the current issues for potatoes post-harvest to introduce the meeting. The future of long-term storage in the likely absence of CIPC in Europe is one such challenge and there will be sessions exploring the regulatory, strategic and possible technical solutions – both chemical and non-chemical. Other sessions include pathology, physiology and store management.

Visit this page for further details on the meeting