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Sharp downturn in Dutch seed potato exports reported

According to the Dutch potato organization NAO (Nederlandse Aardappelorganisatie) the total volume of seed potatoes exported from the Netherlands for the year ending January 1, was 364.000 tonnes, roughly 70.000 tonnes less than the previous year-to-year total. This was reported on NAO’s website recently.

Exports to Asia was down 28,000 tons. Africa bought more than 45,000 tons less seed from the Netherlands during the time period.

In North Africa in particular, much smaller quantities of seed potatoes have been shipped to large markets such as Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Libya. Asia, and in particular the Middle East, sales to Israel, Iraq and Syria lagged behind the previous year totals.

According to a report by the Dutch news outlet Nieuwe Oogs, the disappointing export figures have mainly to do with the smaller harvest of 2018 and therefore limited availability.

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