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Farming couple who turn unwanted spuds into spirits open Scotland’s first vodka visitor centre

A potato farming couple who turn spuds into spirits have opened Scotland’s first vodka visitor centre. Graeme and Caroline Jarron started distilling Ogilvy Vodka in 2014 from the thousands of pounds of misshapen potatoes they couldn’t sell to market from their farm at Glamis, Angus.

Now they are preparing to open the doors to their £150,000 attraction in a stone barn, taking visitors round the farm by vintage tractor and trailer, showing them the distillation process, a look at potato farming… and a tasting session with their award-winning single estate potato vodka.

Graeme said: “Since Ogilvy Vodka was launched, we’ve dreamt of expanding our offering to take visitors behind the scenes and follow the journey of the humble spud from field to bottle.  

“As well as being the first vodka visitor attraction of our kind in Scotland, we’re also excited to offer spirits lovers something a little bit different – we’re not your conventional distillery experience, that’s for sure. 

“With the launch of the V&A in Dundee and around 100,000 people visiting our neighbour, Glamis Castle, each year, we can’t wait to open our doors and join a growing number of extraordinary attractions that make Angus such a brilliant place to visit.”

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