New Zealand, Australia

Tasmania: ‘Potato farmers need McCain’s investment to increase demand and raise prices’

Potato farmers are hoping McCain Foods’ $37 million investment into the Smithton processing facility will increase demand and raise prices. 

The multi-national announced on Wednesday it would become the company’s primary retail french fry production facility in Australia and New Zealand.

Tasmanian McCain grower committee chairperson Rob Bayles said while it’s great to see McCains investing into the future, it’s important to remember the vast amount farmers independently invest. 

“People need to remember it’s a two-sided thing and that farmers also need to be supported. We are currently growing potatoes for less than what we did 10 years ago,” Mr Bayles said.

“It’s currently 31.7 cents per kilogram delivered to Smithton, 10 years ago it was closer to 35 cents.

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