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The advent of ‘unmanned farming’: Precision farming to resurge Japanese agriculture

Japan aims to make farming more profitable and appealing to young people with the help of smart farming.

Smart farming, or precision agriculture, using robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), should lead to an “agricultural resurgence” in Japan, reports The Japan News

At the moment, Japan is faced with a nation of graying farmers, while at the same time not many young people are eager to become a farmer. The Japanse government, together with some major agricultural machinery makers, set out to change that.

The answer, they believe, lies in smart farming. While Japanse machinery manufacturers are investing heavily in new equipment, such as autonomous vehicles, the government of Japan tries to stimulate smart farming with experiments to test self-driving tractors and other “smart” technologies at about 50 Japanse farms.

“In the future, we will achieve ‘unmanned farming,’ in which AI will comprehensively analyze satellite, meteorological and other data so robot farm machines can operate automatically,” Yuji Tomiyama, a Kubota managing executive officer, told The Japan News.

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