Across Regions

Video: Expert explains the role of daylength and light intensity in potato breeding

As part of the World Potato Congress (WPC) webinar series, Dr Peter VanderZaag, a world renowned authority on potato breeding and potato seed systems, delivered an online presentation on March 8.

Dr VanderZaag is the Director of Sunrise Potato in Ontario Canada, Director of the World Potato Congress, Professor at Yunnan Normal College in China, and former Chair of the Board of Trustees at the International Potato Center in Lima (CIP). Dr VanderZaag has been involved in potato breeding projects in different parts of the world for more than 40 years.

Dr VanderZaag’s presentation is entitled: Geographic constraints in potato breeding: The role of daylength and light intensity in selecting for adaptation.

You can watch the 30 min presentation in the video below, or on the World Potato Congress website, where you will find further links to other webinars, as well as details on the activities of the WPC.