Bizarre news: Pringles now being made with rice rather than potatoes

It seems Pringles have found a way to get even more flavour into their already powerful crisps: by changing the main ingredient from potato to rice.

Having undergone rigorous testing, crisp experts reportedly discovered that using rice provides a more intense tasting experience, meaning our crisps have more flavour than ever.

As well as retaining the tang a lot better than with potatoes, the new rice-based crisps also differ to original Pringles nutritionally, with the rice based containing less calories and fat and more protein.

But rather than messing with your beloved cheese and onion, Pringles are testing out the new base by launching three brand new, eastern-inspired flavours in the UK.

Set to join the shelves are Malaysian Red Curry, Indian Tandoori Chicken Masala and Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce, which are already available at supermarkets like Asda for £1.99 a tub, or Tesco , Sainsbury’s and Morrisons for half the price, at £1.