Canada’s EarthFresh Farms: ‘We search the world for unique potato varieties’

A Canadian company is livening up the potato category by raising awareness for the health benefits of potatoes as well as offering a unique, high-quality product that is sourced from all around the world, according to a news report published by FreshPlaza.

EarthFresh has been focusing on bringing a more unique product to market for more than 50 years,” Stephanie Cutaia, Marketing Director of EarthFresh Farms, told FreshPlaza in an interview.

One of the ways the company does this is by packing potatoes in light blocking bags, says Cutaia. She says this contributes to reduced premature greening at the store level.

“In today’s ‘farm-to-cart’ process, exposure to light is the primary cause of potato greening. With an estimated 170kg of food thrown out by Canadians per year, we are trying to do our share to eliminate potato shrink at the store level. Our fresh potatoes are packed in recyclable bags with light blocking technology that prolongs shelf life and minimizes food waste,” Cutaia shared.

EarthFresh Farms has created a program to source potatoes that are more common in other parts of the world alongside its regular offerings, as well as continuing to expand its organic line.

“We search the world for unique potato varieties,” Cutaia said. “We believe that consumers like trying new varieties and some even draw a connection to their heritage. Many of the varieties come from Germany, the Netherlands, Chile, France and Belgium.

Read the full interview with EarthFresh’s Stephanie Cutaia on FreshPlaza here. Report by Marieke Hemmes