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New potato season has started in Europe with stocks almost depleted

More than ever, the impact of last year’s record summer is noticeable. But both in Austria and throughout Europe, many farmers are still feeling the consequences.

The planting, as well as the development of tubers was satisfactory until June last year and nationwide, marketers started the new season with great confidence. The warehouses were virtually cleared and a great spring (April, May) saw a rapid increase in available quantities.

Problems with imported goods from Spain, Israel and Egypt as well as an oversupply of local new potatoes were pushing prices down. By the end of July, the tide had turned to international markets.

An extended heat period over Central Europe led to stress in the plants. There were all kinds of growth problems and large yield losses were the result.

The processing industry raised the alarm and went for the remaining ready-to-eat potatoes. Intense irrigation led to additional price hikes. As fast as stock levels rose, they would go down again.

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