Across Regions

Emerging tech, farming and the impact on job skills in agriculture

There is a huge push on advancing farming technology, as it is seen as the solution to the world population crisis and the growing gap in global food provision.

However, emerging agricultural tech is not all about global visions and far-reaching needs. It is changing the face of grassroots farming every day.

This is a sector based on traditional skills, systems and working practices – often handed down through generations. Yet, there is strong evidence that new inventions and techniques are being willingly embraced. Not least as agricultural enterprises large and small can use emerging tech to do things faster, better and with less waste. This provides the economies needed to carve profit in a competitive marketplace.

Pathways to managing energy and water better within modern farming also make the industry more sustainable.

The increasing role of technology in farming is clearly having an impact on agricultural recruitment too. The skills needed to secure posts – especially in senior roles – have undergone a radical shift in recent years. Alongside such credentials as resource and time management abilities comes a need for applicants to have data management competencies.

In this article, Rebekah Shields is looking at emerging tech in farming in more detail, and the likely long term ramifications to agricultural job vacancies and recruitment aims.

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