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How millennials are changing industries – and what it means for farming

In the second article of the Farmers Guardian #ThisIsAgriculture campaign, Danusia Osiowy takes a closer look at one of the most significant cultural changes facing all current employers looking to recruit and retain the best in the business.

Can you spot a millennial from a Gen Z? A Baby Boomer from a Traditionalist? Haven’t a clue or care about any of it? Herewith lies the problem.

There has been a significant cultural shift across the generations within the global employment landscape and agriculture is no different.

Individuals entering any industry today have requirements, ambitions and expectations, and if our industry wants to recruit the best new blood and prevent current employees from jumping ship, understanding and reacting to those needs is vital.

At the heart of this change is the emergence of two particularly strong generational identities referred to as either a ‘millennial’ or ‘Generation Z’.

And while the two have become buzzwords with business researchers and the media worldwide, how many of us in agriculture really understand what either is and why it even matters?

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