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French parliament opposes imports of Canadian potatoes treated with bee-killing insecticide

The French parliament has strongly opposed the European Commission’s plan to increase the maximum residue limits of several neonicotinoids including clothianidin, an insecticide that kills bees, and haloxyfop-R, a herbicide that is toxic to human health, FreshPlaza reports.

This is a way to show their contempt for the Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which Europe and the Commission have signed with Canada.

Eric Andrieu, member of the European Parliament representing southwestern France, and president of the Pesticide Committee of the European Parliament, recently spoke on the subject, particularly on the Canadian potato treated with clothianidin.

“Once again, the European executive wants to lower sanitary standards, in order to make them coincide with the commercial treaties it has signed. The European Commission opens our domestic market to third-country products treated with clothianidin, although this substance has been banned throughout the EU since 2018. It is completely unacceptable!”

Source:, as reported by FreshPlaza here