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‘Overseas potato exports lagging behind, French fry industry eager to buy this season’

The Dutch potato trade is not very busy at the moment, according to a report by FreshPlaza. “Every week I ask myself what is going to happen. In the end, we do move some product. But it is much less than in previous years,” says Wim Tuinstra. He is from the potato wholesaler of the same name in the Dutch town of Herkingen.

“Exports to overseas countries are certainly at a significantly lower level. These moderate exports, undoubtedly, have to do with the price. When prices are high, clients start looking earlier. The French fries industry has, however, been quite eager to buy this season. It is the French fry varieties that are keeping us afloat.”

When asked how long stocks will last, the exporter says, “If sales do not increase, we have enough potatoes. However, if demand picks up, we will have to start run at full capacity every week. Then, the stocks will run out quickly. I cannot complain about the potatoes’ quality. The potatoes we have at our disposal are good. But, how this will look in May, I do not know.”

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