Tolsma-Grisnich: ‘Improving your agribusiness in an intelligent way’

Just like your car, tractor or other machines, your storage facility also needs periodic maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation. You are even under a legal obligation to have your cooling installation inspected every year. 

Failure to maintain a storage facility properly will also lead to higher costs in the long run. So make sure that your ventilation, cooling installation, electrical installations, hatches and walls are duly checked by an authorized party.

Mechanical cooling

Legislation and regulations for mechanical cooling are frequently amended, and keeping up to speed is hardly feasible for individual arable farmers. Tolsma-Grisnich specialists will assess all elements in the light of the latest legal requirements when checking your mechanical cooling.

Proof for insurance companies

Because fans and electrical installations generally last a long time, there is a tendency to neglect their maintenance. With a view to liability in the event of fire or injury, being able to demonstrate proof of proper maintenance for insurance purposes may become important.

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