Across Regions

McDonald’s fries around the world

However you feel about McDonald’s, it is inescapable. The franchise has outposts in over 100 countries throughout the world, with a total number of locations topping 36,000 (as of January 2018).

Wherever you go, there is McDonald’s. And in every McDonald’s, you can find many of the same menu items: the standard burgers, the thin, salty fries. They may be called Le Big Mac or Patatas la Francesca, but you will know them all the same.

And yet, despite the fact that fast food itself often stands in for the very concept of homogeneity, you can find regional specialties on international McDonald’s menus as well—including a bunch of McDonald’s fry variations around the world.

So take a virtual tour of McDonald’s fries and see if any of them make you want to grab your passport on Chowhound.