German company to start producing French fries in Zambia this year

According to a report by the Lusaka Times, a German company that will locally produce French fries for both the Zambian and regional export markets is expected to commence operations this year.

The announcement was made by Mr. Frank Nordman, German Agri business President earlier this week while on a visit to Zambia’s Ambassador in Germany, Anthony Mukwita, at the embassy offices on Axel Springer Street in Berlin.

Mr. Nordman reportedly said under the auspices of the German Agribusiness Alliance, about 10 German businesses and a 7 member Ministerial delegation will be attending the Zambian annual Agri Tech show in Chisamba from the 9th to the 12th of April.

He said while in Zambia, the delegation wants to meet the Minister of Agriculture and share their vision for their investment in the country and expect a buy-in from the Zambian government.

Mr. Nordman said German farmers in Zambia have developed their potato growing operations to a point where it is unnecessary to import from outside the country.

“We can assure you Your Excellency that we are able to fully supply the Zambian market with potatoes without recourse to outside suppliers”, said Mr. Nordman.

He said to assist in the transfer of skills to local farmers, the German farmers in the Chisamba area have set up a training facility which has been offering courses that include farm management, equipment maintenance, tractor operating, and growing all kinds of vegetables.

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