Tasted and tested: Australia’s best fast food French fry revealed

From shoestring to over-salted, from McDonald’s to KFC, recently put fast food French fries to the taste-test — and they found a surprising winner…

It takes superhuman strength to walk past someone eating hot chips and not crave some, the news agency says in an article. “Our tastebuds have been hardwired to find that combination of crunch, salt and oil addictive — think potato chips. So when you add heat, it’s game over.”

But what makes a great fry?

There are those that swear by the sharp crunch of shoestring fries, while others prefer the pillowy, potato bite of a fatter chip. You have the sticklers for regular salt versus those who favour the MSG-heavy hit of chicken salt.

To find a definitive answer, visited 10 fast food outlets in one day to compare the carbs.

While each state has their standout deep-fried potatoes, such as the duck fat fries at The Morrisson in Sydney or crinkle-cut fries seasoned with brown butter and preserved lemons at Melbourne’s Biggie Smalls, went for fast food chains with multiple outlets across Australia.

The news agency compared like-for-like and ordered the medium or equivalent, ate them in-house while they were still fresh and ignored sauces or extras that would skew the rating.

They judged them on heat, crunch, potatoey-ness and seasoning. Go here to find out their rating – you can also watch a video of the rating process.