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American Journal of Potato Research: ‘The Contribution of Potatoes to Human Nutrition’

The Potato Association of America (PAA) is pleased to announce that the special 215 page issue of the American Journal of Potato Research (AJPR), Volume 96 Number 2 is now available online. The focus of this publication is “The Contribution of Potatoes to Human Nutrition.”

“It is the hope of the PAA that this special issue highlights the unique contribution of potato to the human diet, and concurrently expands AJPR readership and the journal’s stature within the scientific community,” says PAA President, Rich Novy.

Shelley Jansky, Roy Navarre and John Bamberg write in the introduction: “This issue was organized following discussions among potato scientists about the need to acknowledge the positive attributes of potato to human health, with a focus on recent research advances. In this special issue of the American Journal of Potato Research, we have assembled experts to share their expertise on potato and human nutrition from diverse perspectives, from its contribution as a source of energy and micronutrients to its value in preventative medicine. We hope this collection of articles will be accessible to a broad range of readers not only within the potato community, but also in other disciplines.”

In “A Chef’s Perspective on Potatoes and Diet“, Chef Emeritus and International Culinary Ambassador Leif Benson (CEC, AAC) comments that “today we live in a food centric world. Chefs are pushing their creative powers to produce more exciting dining experiences. Millennials, consumers, bloggers and food enthusiasts are looking for the next new food experience and are willing to pay for a picture-worthy plate to post of their favorite dish on social media. Potatoes are valued by all cuisines for their versatility, satisfying flavor, adaptability and affordability. They store well, are nutritious and are important parts of most diets. Chefs value potatoes for their unique role in the culinary world; they often refer to them as a blank palette for creativity.”

This issue of the AJPR can be accessed here

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