News April 2019

Investor group buys Ballreich potato chip company

The Ballreich Bros. potato chip company has been sold to a group of northwest Ohio investors who will continue the 98-year-old Tiffin brand, the company announced Friday.

Ballreich Snack Food Co. has been formed by the investor group. Operations will continue at the Tiffin plant at 186 Ohio Ave., and 55 workers will retain their jobs.

Steve Dandurand will be chief executive officer and president of the new ownership. The company makes potato chips in a variety of flavors, plus pretzels, popcorn, tortilla chips and potato sticks. Distribution is to customers throughout Ohio, lower Michigan and eastern Indiana.

The Ballreich family has owned and operated the business since 1920. The current owners, Brian and Linda Reis, have managed and grown the company since 2006. Brian is a grandson of one of the founders.

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