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Warm weather a boost for Cornish earlies

Cornish new potato growers are on course for a good season with favourable weather conditions putting them on track to be the first UK mainland potatoes to hit retailers this year.

The earliest Cornish new potatoes, due in May, have been growing under protective fleece and poly-sheets to protect them from the cold since January, and will be the first mainland English potato crop of the year to reach UK stores.

With warm weather scheduled to bathe Britain during Easter weekend, the season has got off to a good start. Cornish potatoes also benefit from the warmer maritime climate on the sloping fields closest to the sea, which keeps the area largely frost free.

Branston’s sales and marketing director, Sharon Affleck, says: “We work with selected farmers across Cornwall who have the expertise to work in harmony with the landscape, protecting it for future generations while getting the best out of their crops.”

“Our growers know where to plant first and they work in sequence across their land so that their Cornish new potatoes are the first fresh new potatoes grown in mainland UK to reach major consumer stores, each year.”

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