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First signs of resistance found to key herbicide flufenacet

The first signs of ryegrass and blackgrass resistance to the widely used used herbicide flufenacet are being detected, with growers being urged to use other methods of control as well as weedkillers.

Ryegrass with so-called enhanced metabolism resistance to the herbicide is now present on a small number of UK farms, while blackgrass is showing reduced sensitively to the herbicide in a few isolated cases on German farms.

The residual-acting herbicide flufenacet is widely used pre-emergence in cereal crops for grassweed control and often in conjunction other herbicides such as diflufenican in the product Liberator.

James Clarke, chairman of the Weed Resistance Action Group, says there was always a risk to herbicides such as flufenacet of enhanced metabolism resistance affecting performance.

“It will be particularly challenging on farms with ryegrass and it serves as a very timely warning for those with blackgrass. However, along with other active substances flufenacet will remain a part of control programmes to deliver effective control,” he says.

Full report in Farmers Weekly online

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