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Northwest potato stocks, disappearance above last year

Potato stocks in Idaho, Oregon and Washington on April 1 totaled 98 million hundredweight, up from 87 million a year earlier, the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service reports.

Stocks in Idaho totaled 56 million cwt., up from 50 million. Disappearance to date was 84.2 million cwt., up from 81.3 million.

“Our movement the past two to three weeks has been good,” said Dick Thomas, senior vice president of sales at Potandon Produce LLC in Idaho Falls. Retailers’ promotions for the April 21 Easter holiday have increased retail volume, normal for this time of year.

Oregon stocks totaled 10 million cwt., up from 7 million, NASS said in its April 17 report. Disappearance to date was 18.1 million cwt., up from 14.4 million.

Stocks in Washington totaled 32 million cwt., up from 30 million. Disappearance to date totaled 73.6 million cwt., up from 69 million.

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