Potato prices soar in Eastern Europe

Prices of some vegetables, especially potatoes, in the Czech Republic have been increasing dramatically due to a significant drop in production, a new report from the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service has revealed.

According to the information, consumers are paying over 67% more for potatoes, and almost 25% more for vegetables (including lettuce, peas, cucumbers, etc).

Potatoes, a staple foodstuff in the Czech Republic, saw a harvest which totaled at 583,560MT in 2018, which is 15.3% lower than a year before. The hot and dry weather conditions are the main drivers behind this production drop.

Poor weather conditions also affected other Eastern European countries in similar fashion. For example, in Romania the price of potatoes in 2018 grew by as much as 40%, said a report from which cited data from the National Institute of Statistics.

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