The Seed Potato Story: What goes on behind closed doors

During the winter months the shed doors are firmly closed and all is quiet. However, when you take a look inside you’ll find Dutch seed potato farmers are picking the fruit of their labour. In the video below, you get to see the full seed potato journey on a specialised seed potato farm in the Dutch growing region ‘Wieringermeer’.

After planting, crop husbandry, harvesting and storage the show begins. The tubers have to be graded in different sizes, soil, haulm and clods removed. They are inspected by hand and further processed for customers all around the globe.

Dutch seed potato exporters are world famous for their potato varieties. We see how potatoes are automatically bagged up in hessian bags for Brazil, in jumbo bags for Europe and wooden boxes for Holland.

This farm uses some of the most modern equipment to do so. VHM (Van Hees Machinery) BoxFilr box handling machinery, ERC weighing and bagging machine and a Symac palletising machine.


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