News April 2019

Penobscot McCrum plans new potato processing plant in Maine

According to a report by The County, Penobscot McCrum is planning to build a new potato processing plant at the site of a long-closed potato factory in Washburn, Maine.

Penobscot McCrum, the vertically integrated potato business of the McCrum family, is in the midst of submitting permitting documents to build a 115,000 square foot potato processing plant on Parsons Road, said Jan Weigman, project manager at Wright-Pierce.

“Once we get all our permits and everything in place, it’s about a year’s worth of construction,” Weigman said.

The Penobscot McCrum company was formed in 2004 when the McCrum family purchased the assets of Penobscot Frozen Foods and began operating the frozen foods plant in Belfast. The company’s family of businesses grow potatoes that are shipped to Belfast and turned into products including baked and mashed potatoes, wedges, and potato skins.

Don Flannery, executive director of the Maine Potato Board, said that the Maine Potato Board is “very supportive of the McCrum project.”

Read the full report in The County here

Picture above: Jan Weigman, project manager at Wright-Pierce, left, talks about Penobscot McCrum’s proposed potato processing plant in Washburn with attendees at an information meeting on April 23 at Washburn High School. (Anthony Brino | The Star-Herald)