New processing plant to benefit some of Kenya’s potato farmers

Regular fluctuations in potato prices and exploitation by brokers might be a thing of the past for potato farmers from Kinangop area in Kenya’s Nyandarua County following the construction of a private potato processing plant in the area, according to a report published by the Kenya News Agency (KNA).

According to the plant manager Danson Ndegwa, the multi-million Engineer Food Processing plant located at Engineer town will address the perennial problem of low prices and lack of market for the popular produce. Ndegwa said the plant will be officially opened this week and it has the capacity to process one tonne of potatoes per hour.

For years, farmers in the area have made losses due to lack of a suitable market after the Midland Food processing factory closed its doors several years ago.

Addressing the press after visiting the plant, Ndegwa said farmers in Kinangop, which is the main producer of potatoes in the region, had little to show for their sweat and said the plant will process their potatoes and thus offering them a wide market. He said the company had already contracted farmers in the region to supply them with potatoes.

Ndegwa said the company had employed agronomists who will be engaging the farmers free of charge with a view to helping them improve on their production.

The report was written by Esther Mwangi and Hannah Wangui – the full report was published by KNA here