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How using a biological fungicide can help grow higher yielding potatoes

Trials investigating the relative performance of Serenade ASO, Bayer’s biological fungicide containing Bacillus subtilis QST 713, continue to deliver promising value to potato growers, according to Bayer Crop Science in the UK.

In a recent blog post, Bayer Crop Science says that in soils where there is higher pathogen pressure Serenade ASO performs best when applied in conjunction with conventional treatments, while in lower pressure conditions its contribution is often enough to be applied as a stand-alone treatment.

Trials to date have found performance varies between sites, but that there is regularly a positive effect on potato yields, with 10 out of 13 UK and European trials showing yield increases; and an average yield increase of 1.9 t/ha across all 13 trials. In addition, its use has led to increases in marketable yields through more consistent tuber size and better skin finish.

“Performance is often influenced by external factors such as soil type, moisture, temperature and disease pressure. This is perhaps not surprising given Serenade is a living organism that will interact with the physical and biological characteristics of the crop and the soil,” says Tim Lacey, Bayer campaign manager for horticulture.

Further information can be found on the Bayer Crop Science website here