News May 2019

Living off the land in Idaho: Hard to top a home-grown spud…

“Living in the potato state of Idaho and being surrounded by fields of potatoes, most people take the positive attributes of spuds for granted,” writes Lance Ellis in a post on Farm and Ranch.

“Adding to their commonness, they are also inexpensive in the grocery store, and so ultimately the good old spud just isn’t as respected as it should be, especially when it comes to growing them at home. Growing potatoes at home isn’t really hard and gives gardeners a chance to try varieties they might not find in the grocery store,” Lance writes.

“Because potatoes are the underground edible tubers, planting certified seed potatoes from garden centers or stores is essential. Reusing seed from last year’s garden can keep diseases going in your potato patch and create larger problems in the future, so never do that. Using certified seed potatoes lowers the risk of plant diseases, which if left uncontrolled can be sources of disease for the commercial potato industry.”

Read Lance Ellis’ full article on Farm and Ranch can be read here

Information courtesy of Kasia Kinzer, University of Idaho Extension.