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Potatoes New Zealand undertaking a country wide PMTV survey

In a report issued today, Potatoes New Zealand says they have been undertaking a PMTV survey. This has involved a PMTV survey assistant (a PNZ staff member) visiting farms who have agreed to be tested.

The purpose of the survey is to establish where the disease is, to check seed lines and to ascertain the possibility of containment. The survey will inform the pest management strategy and long term management of the incursion.

The seed survey is now complete. 1 minor seed line paddock tested positive, it is of a lesser grown variety. The crop has been withdrawn from market, and will not be replanted. All other seed lines tested were found negative.

The total number of paddocks tested to date across the country is 139. PNZ aims to complete the nationwide survey by the end of August.

Read the full report here